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Septic Tank Lid Replacement

How safe is your septic tank lid?

Tim and his team can offer the service of replacing your septic tank lid.  If your septic lid is cracked or not up to standard, it is very unsafe and dangerous for family and pets; it needs to be replaced.  A service that can only be provided by a licenced plumber,  Call Tim today to organise replacing your lid with a made to measure concrete lid, with access point to pump out your septic. Phone 0419556803



  Custom made septic lid

Servicing Mildura , Red Cliffs , Nangiloc , Colignan , Irymple , Pooncarie , Wentworth , Dareton , Gol Gol , Curwlaa , Trentham Cliffs , Merbein and all other areas of Sunraysia.